David's Dream

I began my life just like you did in February eighty three
I wasn't as lucky as you though - my mum couldn't look after me
One day I was very lucky, and God looked down from above
He gave me some wonderful new parents who showered me with love.
I grew chubby and cheerful, the sun always shone so bright
I played, I laughed and I ran very fast - then somebody turned out the light.
Epilepsy's a nasty illness, but one with which many live and share,
But mine is so very beastly that my world's now just a wheelchair.

The golden haired boy who lived life to the full, who played and laughed and ran
Now has to take joy from just walking - maybe two steps if I can.
I no longer can talk or wash, nor do anything else that you do
From inside my own little prison cell, I do little more than to view.
Something did help me once though, something so special and rare
We found some really nice people who showed how much they could care.
Dolphin therapy's the name that is given, to what they arranged for me
Which, although it sounds really lovely, was very hard work you see.

I managed to look at my therapist - just once when he said my name
And there swam through the water a dolphin, who came to play some games.
I tried hard to say what my therapist asked, but I never accomplished this feat
So instead we worked on other stuff to allow me to earn such a treat.
Those people who do not know me, would wonder just what this did
But to all who wish to listen, I say it let some light in under the lid.
Now at last I can get some pleasures - though small compared to some -
I can look up at people and hold things AND SMILE once again at my mum.

The things you might take for granted, I long to do once more,
How much I wish that when somebody comes, I could open the door.
How I wish that when people ask me, I could honestly say -
"I am very well thank you and how are you today?"
I would like to thank you for reading, my dream as it might be
Only ... I can't say it myself ... even this someone else does for me.
I'm sorry for having to ask you to help my dream come true
Only ... I'd really like to be, just somebody special like you.

My dream is to go back to America, to my therapist and all of the rest
To see if the magic can give me another small dose of life's zest.

David Jenkins

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